Farmville 2 Quest Guide Nostalgia Extravaganza

July 13 2021 to July 27 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 13 2021

From July 13 2021 to July 27 2021 you can perform quests Nostalgia Extravaganza.

Hi! I've got a big secret to share with you! Barbara has been reminiscing of the Corn Queen's Court of her childhood. I remember that day vividly! My father built the original Corn Queen's Court, and I snuck in to see the crowning! The first thing we'll need are Vanilla Grass just like the ones we had at the Corn Queen's Court. You can read more about Quest Guide Nostalgia Extravaganza and hints in the next pictures.

Nostalgia Extravaganza! 1/8: Fragrance In the Air!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 2/8: If You Build It, They Will Come!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 3/8: An Open Invitation!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 4/8: Fitting for the Queen!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 5/8: Curtain Call!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 6/8: From Way Back When!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 7/8: For The Record!


Nostalgia Extravaganza! 8/8: Amusement Parka!

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