Farmville 2 Quest Guide Candied Conversations

June 22 2021 to July 06 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : June 22 2021

From June 22 2021 to July 06 2021 you can perform quests Candied Conversations.

Hi! I tried Cornelius’ melt-resistant candy and boy was it good! Walter suggested that I set up a Candy Corner at the B&B reception while candies are still trending. I have already bought a batch from Cornelius but I need your help setting up the Candy Corner. I need Wool to create the base of the Candy Corner. Can you gather some Cashmere Wool? You can read more about Quest Guide Candied Conversations and hints in the next pictures.

Candied Conversations 1/8: Wool You Help?


Candied Conversations! 2/8: Jarring Candy!


Candied Conversations! 3/8: Playing Neighbor!


Candied Conversations! 4/8: Candy Circle!


Candied Conversations! 5/8: Towering Candy!


Candied Conversations! 6/8: Stir-Fry Break!


Candied Conversations! 7/8: Pouch Me Some?


Candied Conversations! 8/8: Strawberry Dreams!


Recipes in quests Candied Conversations

Recipes in Candied Conversations

Badges in quests Candied Conversations

Badges in Candied Conversations
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June 22 2021 to July 06 2021