Farmville 2 Quest Guide Marie’s Farm-nival

April 06 2021 to April 20 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : April 06 2021

From April 06 2021 to April 20 2021 you can perform quests Marie’s Farm-nival.

Hi, I have heard rumblings that a carnival is rolling into town soon! How about a mini carnival for our farm animals to drum up some excitement for the real thing? I have a couple of ideas down pat but need your help putting everything together. Will you help? I have cleared out some space for the water slides. All we need now is some water! You can read more about Quest Guide Marie’s Farm-nival and hints in the next pictures.

Marie’s Farm-nival! 1/8: Water For Thought


Marie’s Farm-nival! 2/8: Carnival Jump


Marie’s Farm-nival! 3/8: Eggcelent Snack!


Marie’s Farm-nival! 4/8: Floater, Then?


Marie’s Farm-nival! 5/8: Pinking About You!


Marie’s Farm-nival! 6/8: Booth For You!


Marie’s Farm-nival! 7/8: Crowning Glory!


Marie’s Farm-nival! 8/8: Sweet Endings!


Recipes in quests Marie’s Farm-nival

Recipes in Marie’s Farm-nival

Badges in quests Marie’s Farm-nival

Badges in Marie’s Farm-nival
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April 06 2021 to April 20 2021
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