Farmville 2 Quest Guide Tour Guide

March 23 2021 to April 06 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 23 2021

From March 23 2021 to April 06 2021 you can perform quests Tour Guide.

Hi! Barbara has put me in charge of giving her guests a tour. Could you help me out?You're planting Five Flavor Berries, aren't you? I'm sure the ladies would love to sample some! You can read more about Quest Guide Tour Guide and hints in the next pictures.

Tour Guide! 1/8: Flavors of FarmVille!


Tour Guide! 2/8: Map Time!


Tour Guide! 3/8: Sauce It Up!


Tour Guide! 4/8: A Little Planning!


Tour Guide! 5/8: Look No Fur-ther!


Tour Guide! 6/8: Tete-a-Tea!


Tour Guide! 7/8: The Gift of Music!


Tour Guide! 8/8: Savory Surprise!


Recipes in quests Tour Guide

Recipes in Tour Guide

Badges in quests Tour Guide

Badges in Tour Guide
Farmville 2 Happiness in a Cup of Tea
March 23 2021 to April 06 2021
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