Farmville 2 Quest Guide Misfortune Mania

February 09 2021 to February 23 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : February 09 2021

From February 09 2021 to February 23 2021 you can perform quests Misfortune Mania.

Hey! So, I met this couple today and let's just say things are complicated. Well, they told me that all the trips that they've been on have always been full of misfortunes. Yes! And now they've come here hoping that this trip might change their horrible luck with travelling. The couple had got lost on their way here and have had nothing to eat. Let's get them something to eat first! Maybe some purple yams? You can read more about Quest Guide Misfortune Mania and hints in the next pictures.

Misfortune Mania! 1/8: I Yam So Ready!


Misfortune Mania! 2/8: Map It Out!


Misfortune Mania! 3/8: A Place To Stay!


Misfortune Mania! 4/8: A Camping Trip!


Misfortune Mania! 5/8: That Sounds Cheesy!


Misfortune Mania! 6/8: An In-tents Problem!


Misfortune Mania! 7/8: That's Charming!


Misfortune Mania! 8/8: Mangoficient!


Recipes in quests Misfortune Mania

Recipes in Misfortune Mania

Badges in quests Misfortune Mania

Badges in Misfortune Mania
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February 09 2021 to February 23 2021
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