Farmville 2 Quest Guide Right From Scratch

January 19 2021 to February 02 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : January 19 2021

From January 19 2021 to February 02 2021 you can perform quests Right From Scratch.

Hey! I had recently visited the FarmVille Play School and noticed that many of the things being used there are really old. We need to make sure that the environment that the kids study and play in are up to date in every way! Which is why I have decided to renovate the entire Play School! While renovating the school, why don't we add in a garden too! I'm sure the kids will love that! It's French Hollyhock season, we should plant some! You can read more about Quest Guide Right From Scratch and hints in the next pictures.

Right From Scratch! 1/8: Holly Moly!


Right From Scratch! 2/8: Let's Swing!


Right From Scratch! 3/8: Time For Backup!


Right From Scratch! 4/8: Just In Case!


Right From Scratch! 5/8: Squeeze The Day!


Right From Scratch! 6/8: Fixing Time!


Right From Scratch! 7/8: Book Over There!


Right From Scratch! 8/8: A Berry Good Job!

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