Farmville 2 Quest Guide Heart To Heart

January 26 2021 to February 09 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : January 26 2021

From January 26 2021 to February 09 2021 you can perform quests Heart To Heart.

While Percy is helping bring the season of love to our county, I can't help but feel like we're missing something. The senior citizens, of course! I have a plan and I'm hoping you can help. Marie's opened a Senior Center to cater to recreational activities for our lovely older folks and I'd like to host an event there! I'm heading to the center now to speak to the director. I heard she's friends with your neighbor. Do you think I can get an introduction? You can read more about Quest Guide Heart To Heart and hints in the next pictures.

Heart To Heart! 1/8: Center Of Attention!


Heart To Heart! 2/8: A Hearty Welcome!


Heart To Heart! 3/8: Wool You Have My Back?


Heart To Heart! 4/8: Prop The Question!


Heart To Heart! 5/8: A Meaningful Dance!


Heart To Heart! 6/8: Leave No Scone Unturned!


Heart To Heart! 7/8: Heart Imitating Life!


Heart To Heart! 8/8: Berry Busy!

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