Farmville 2 Quest Guide Snow Situation

December 01 2020 to December 15 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : December 01 2020

From December 01 2020 to December 15 2020 you can perform quests Snow Situation.

Hi! The weather is quite terrible, isn't it? This cold weather has caused everyone to stay bundled up at home, as they should. This means that I've got plenty of home deliveries to make on a tight schedule. Will you help out? I promised I'd take care of the Missus' garden before I left for work. Would you have some fertilizer to spare? You can read more about Quest Guide Snow Situation and hints in the next pictures.

Snow Situation! 1/8: Easy Come, Easy Grow!


Snow Situation! 2/8: Frost and Foremost!


Snow Situation! 3/8: Soapin' For Some Help!


Snow Situation! 4/8: Can Do Attitude!


Snow Situation! 5/8: Travel Buddy!


Snow Situation! 6/8: Repair Flair!


Snow Situation! 7/8: Winter Worries!


Snow Situation! 8/8: Neigh-borly Necessity!


Recipes in quests Snow Situation

Recipes in Snow Situation

Badges in quests Snow Situation

Badges in Snow Situation
Farmville 2 Snow Far Away From Home
December 01 2020 to December 15 2020
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