Farmville 2 Quest Guide Mommy's Helper

March 24 2020 to April 07 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : December 15 2020

From December 15 2020 to December 29 2020 you can perform quests Mommy's Helper.

Hi there! You know Mrs. Palmer had a baby a few days ago? Right. Mr. Palmer has been called away on urgent business, & Mrs. Palmer is all alone with her newborn. Barbara knows you're busy with the baby showers, so she's asked me to be a Mommy's Helper for a few days! I'm a vet! I'm only good with baby animals. Can I stop by your Baby Center for some tips on caring for human babies? You can read more about Quest Guide Mommy's Helper and hints in the next pictures.

Mommy's Helper! 1/8: Baby, Baby Baby No!


Mommy's Helper! 2/8: Tough Times!


Mommy's Helper! 3/8: Nanny Neighbors!


Mommy's Helper! 4/8: Wipe Away Your Tears!


Mommy's Helper! 5/8: Love Lotion!


Mommy's Helper! 6/8: Scarf & Cold!


Mommy's Helper! 7/8: Blanket Term!


Mommy's Helper! 8/8: A Parting Gift!


Recipes in quests Mommy's Helper

Recipes in Mommy's Helper

Badges in quests Mommy's Helper

Badges in Mommy's Helper
Farmville 2 Onesie Upon A Christmas
December 15 2020 to December 29 2020
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