List of bushels in Lakeside Yuletide Chapter 4

Alpine Snowbell Bushel6
Alpine Snowbell
8 Hours
Aqua Wheat Bushel6
Aqua Wheat
10 Hours
Austrian Carnation Bushel15
Austrian Carnation
15 Mins
Austrian Holly Bushel6
Austrian Holly
8 Hours
Chilly Cherry Bushel12
Chilly Cherry
16 Hours
Christmas Edelweiss Bushel9
Christmas Edelweiss
10 Mins
Holiday Heather Bushel12
Holiday Heather
4 Hours
Lake Arnica Bushel9
Lake Arnica
31 Mins
Mountaintop Rose Bushel6
Mountaintop Rose
31 Mins
Winter Gentian Bushel12
Winter Gentian
10 Mins
Winter Poinsettia Bushel12
Winter Poinsettia
10 Hours
Yuletide Hycainths Bushel6
Yuletide Hycainths
4 Hours
Yuletide Quince Bushel6
Yuletide Quince
16 Hours
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