Farmville 2 Quest Guide Mystery Mission

October 27 2020 to November 10 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 27 2020

From October 27 2020 to November 10 2020 you can perform quests Mystery Mission.

Hi! The spooky season is one of my favorites and I have an exciting plan this year! I'm hosting a Mystery Dinner at the B&B, where my guests can act out a story and take part in a fascinating whodunnit! I'll need your help to set up the event, and the dinner of course! Let's go with black and pink for the theme of the dinner. Would you have some fresh pink flowers? You can read more about Quest Guide Mystery Mission and hints in the next pictures.

Mystery Mission! 1/8: Think Pink!


Mystery Mission! 2/8: S-card To Death!


Mystery Mission! 3/8: The Right Invite!


Mystery Mission! 4/8: Costume Call!


Mystery Mission! 5/8: Wick Or Treat!


Mystery Mission! 6/8: Dinner Distress!


Mystery Mission! 7/8: Place Your Votes!


Mystery Mission! 8/8: Be My Guest!


Recipes in quests Mystery Mission

Recipes in Mystery Mission

Badges in quests Mystery Mission

Badges in Mystery Mission
Farmville 2 Tis The Season To Be Spooky
October 27 2020 to November 10 2020
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