Farmville 2 Quest Guide A Musical Journey

October 06 2020 to October 20 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 06 2020

From October 06 2020 to October 20 2020 you can perform quests A Musical Journey.

Hey, did you hear about Gus teaching the kids how to play music? Exciting right? My kids heard about it too and now they are asking me to teach them how to play music. But, the thing is, I know nothing about playing music! I want to help them out but, I just got an urgent order for Natal Star Flowers which needs to be completed. Can you get them ready for me? You can read more about Quest Guide A Musical Journey and hints in the next pictures.

A Musical Journey! 1/8: We're Best Buds!


A Musical Journey! 2/8: So Many Options!


A Musical Journey! 3/8: A Second Opinion!


A Musical Journey! 4/8: Do Not Fret!


A Musical Journey! 5/8: I Loaf You!


A Musical Journey! 6/8: Heavy Baggage!


A Musical Journey! 7/8: Book To The Side!


A Musical Journey! 8/8: We Can Cake It!

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