Farmville 2 Quest Guide A Fright Night

October 20 2020 to November 03 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 20 2020

From October 20 2020 to November 03 2020 you can perform quests A Fright Night.

Hi, the spooky season is here and I have a great idea! I'm thinking of hosting a Halloween party with a costume contest! But organizing the event and trying to think of a costume too is going to be hard! Will you help me out? Let's go and invite all our friends! It will help us focus better on the party if we get this done! You can read more about Quest Guide A Fright Night and hints in the next pictures.

A Fright Night! 1/8: The Inviting!


A Fright Night! 2/8: Party Prep!


A Fright Night! 3/8: This Wood Be Great!


A Fright Night! 4/8: Call me Vlad!


A Fright Night! 5/8: For The Zest!


A Fright Night! 6/8: Have A Rice Day!


A Fright Night! 7/8: A Spooky Fest!


A Fright Night! 8/8: You're The Berry Best!

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