Farmville 2 Quest Guide A Class Apart

October 13 2020 to October 27 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 13 2020

From October 13 2020 to October 27 2020 you can perform quests A Class Apart.

Hi. I heard about Walter's Opera Dinner and I got an idea! I want to host a fancy dinner too! But for the kids! I think this is a great time to teach them proper table manners and etiquette! I first want to teach the kids how to drink water with etiquette! But it looks like I didn't get enough water. You can read more about Quest Guide A Class Apart and hints in the next pictures.

A Class Apart! 1/8: Water You Up To?


A Class Apart! 2/8: Book At This!


A Class Apart! 3/8: Egg-straordinary!


A Class Apart! 4/8: Dress To Perfection!


A Class Apart! 5/8: This Card Be True!


A Class Apart! 6/8: A Contest!


A Class Apart! 7/8: Toy-tally Amazing!


A Class Apart! 8/8: Berry Good Performance!