Farmville 2 Quest Guide The Perfect Rehearsal

September 29 2020 to October 13 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo :September 29 2020

From September 29 2020 to October 13 2020 you can perform quests The Perfect Rehearsal.

Hey! Barbara wants the kids to put on a play for Clementine Barreau as a surprise! Right? She has asked me to train them as I have some experience with this. But training kids is no easy feat! This is going to be hard. You know what's a great way to get the kids to listen to you? Food. Let's make them something quick and tasty before they arrive. You can read more about Quest Guide The Perfect Rehearsal and hints in the next pictures.

The Perfect Rehearsal! 1/8: Food Is Good!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 2/8: Script Teachings!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 3/8: A Friendly Neighbourhood!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 4/8: Prop Hunt!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 5/8: Don't Toy With Me!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 6/8: We Blend Well Together!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 7/8: The Right Attire!


The Perfect Rehearsal! 8/8: Orange You Sweet!

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