Farmville 2 Quest Guide Teamwork

September 08 2020 to September 22 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 08 2020

From September 08 2020 to September 22 2020 you can perform quests Teamwork.

Hi! Guess what? My mom's joined the Women's Council! Yes! And her first task is to babysit the naughty kids messing around the Animal Photo Booth! I'd like to help her too, but I've got my hands full! I think we can photograph the kids playing with the cute animals! Would you help them feed the guineafowls? You can read more about Quest Guide Teamwork and hints in the next pictures.

Teamwork! 1/8: Guinea Be So Cute!


Teamwork! 2/8: Ready, Set, Glow!


Teamwork! 3/8: A Tiny Prop-Blem!


Teamwork! 4/8: Pumpkins Got To Be Done!


Teamwork! 5/8: Hungry As A Horse!


Teamwork! 6/8: You Guys Are Nuts!


Teamwork! 7/8: A Fine Reward!


Teamwork! 8/8: Rad To The Bone!


Recipes in quests Teamwork

Recipes in Teamwork

Badges in quests Teamwork

Badges in Teamwork
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September 08 2020 to September 22 2020