Farmville 2 Quest Guide Appaloosa Adventure

September 01 2020 to September 15 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 01 2020

From September 01 2020 to September 15 2020 you can perform quests Appaloosa Adventure.

Hi! I'm helping Barbara out with the Fall wedding supplies. Let's work together? Barbara wants to experiment with Turkey Berries for her wedding desserts. Can you gather some? You can read more about Quest Guide Appaloosa Adventure and hints in the next pictures.

Appaloosa Adventure! 1/8: Berry Surprise!


Appaloosa Adventure! 2/8: All Aboat Relaxation!


Appaloosa Adventure! 3/8: Neighbors Ahoy!


Appaloosa Adventure! 4/8: A Parasol-ution!


Appaloosa Adventure! 5/8: Wedding Colors!


Appaloosa Adventure! 6/8: A Relaxing Activi-tea!


Appaloosa Adventure! 7/8: Romantic Boat-away!


Appaloosa Adventure! 8/8: Surprise Dessert!


Recipes in quests Appaloosa Adventure

Recipes in Appaloosa Adventure

Badges in quests Appaloosa Adventure

Badges in Appaloosa Adventure
Farmville 2 Eat, Drink & Be Married
September 01 2020 to September 15 2020