Farmville 2 Quest Guide Beat The Heat

August 04 2020 to August 18 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : August 04 2020

From August 04 2020 to August 18 2020 you can perform quests Beat The Heat.

Hey! did you hear Walter's plan to escape the heat? Well, Sally was telling me how much she wanted to visit the beach and that gave me an idea! I'm planning on hosting some fun beach activities here at the farm! I will need some help though. Hosting the beach activities is going to take up a lot of energy, let's get something to eat so we have all the energy we need! You can read more about Quest Guide Beat The Heat and hints in the next pictures.

Beat The Heat! 1/8: I've Bean Thinking Of You!


Beat The Heat! 2/8: I've Got You Covered!


Beat The Heat! 3/8: All Hands On Deck!


Beat The Heat! 4/8: Praise The Sun-Screen!


Beat The Heat! 5/8: Sweet As A Lemon!


Beat The Heat! 6/8: Clean-Lye-Ness!


Beat The Heat! 7/8: Can't Stop The Rise!


Beat The Heat! 8/8: I Only Have Pies For You!

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