List of bushels in Maple Frontier Last Chapter

Ontario Apricot Bushel9
Ontario Apricot
24 Hours
Annapolis Apple Bushel12
Annapolis Apple
12 Hours
Banff Celery Bushel12
Banff Celery
10 Hours
Brunswick Blueberry Bushel6
Brunswick Blueberry
24 Hours
Burgundy Aster Bushel33
Burgundy Aster
6 Hours
Calgary Apricot Bushel6
Calgary Apricot
16 Hours
Canada Columbine Bushel6
Canada Columbine
6 Hours
Canadian Bloodroot Bushel15
Canadian Bloodroot
4 Hours
Canadian Sweet Corn Bushel3
Canadian Sweet Corn
24 Hours
Common Bluet Bushel13
Common Bluet
8 Hours
Glazed Cattail Bushel6
Glazed Cattail
8 Hours
Montreal Cabbage Bushel16
Montreal Cabbage
12 Hours
Mountain Milkweed Bushel21
Mountain Milkweed
10 Hours
Ontario Liatris Bushel12
Ontario Liatris
8 Hours
Quebec Plum Bushel18
Quebec Plum
18 Hours
Star Tomato Bushel4
Star Tomato
2 Days
Summer Scallion Bushel6
Summer Scallion
24 Hours
Sundew Prune Bushel12
Sundew Prune
16 Hours
Valley Raspberry Bushel6
Valley Raspberry
16 Hours
White Trillium Bushel9
White Trillium
10 Mins
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