Farmville 2 Quest Guide Wondrous Workshop

July 07 2020 to July 21 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 07 2020

From July 07 2020 to July 21 2020 you can perform quests Wondrous Workshop.

I just got back from a Farmer's Workshop! They had so many new and interesting ways to farm better, you would have loved it! With the help of the Young Farmer's Association we could hold our own Workshop! Workshops can be really tiring so we need to make sure everyone stays refreshed! Some lemonade would be perfect! You can read more about Quest Guide Wondrous Workshop and hints in the next pictures.

Wondrous Workshop! 1/8: Fresh Lemon-Aid!


Wondrous Workshop! 2/8: Book And Behold!


Wondrous Workshop! 3/8: Bring It In!


Wondrous Workshop! 4/8: Hay There!


Wondrous Workshop! 5/8: Rein It In!


Wondrous Workshop! 6/8: Un-Fig-Gettable!


Wondrous Workshop! 7/8: Seed My Call!


Wondrous Workshop! 8/8: For The Batter!


Recipes in quests Wondrous Workshop

Recipes in Wondrous Workshop

Badges in quests Wondrous Workshop

Badges in Wondrous Workshop
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July 07 2020 to July 21 2020
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