Farmville 2 Quest Guide Turtle Talk

July 28 2020 to August 11 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 28 2020

From July 28 2020 to August 11 2020 you can perform quests Turtle Talk.

Hi! I just got back from helping Percy identify the turtles we saved. I'm so proud of how relentlessly he's trying to save as many as possible! We are just filling some fresh water in the turtle tank and we need a lot more! Would you like to help us with that? You can read more about Quest Guide Turtle Talk and hints in the next pictures.

Turtle Talk! 1/8: Water You Doing?


Turtle Talk! 2/8: Snapping Turtles!


Turtle Talk! 3/8: Shell We Do This?


Turtle Talk! 4/8: Positive Pier Pressure!


Turtle Talk! 5/8: Creepy Crawly!


Turtle Talk! 6/8: A Dose Of Vitamin Sea!


Turtle Talk! 7/8: Jot This Down!


Turtle Talk! 8/8: Wool You Help Me?