List of bushels in The Bloom Gardens Chapter 3

Amsterdam Rose Bushel15
Amsterdam Rose
10 Hours
Blue Bottom Cherry Bushel6
Blue Bottom Cherry
16 Hours
Dainty Daffodil Bushel15
Dainty Daffodil
4 Hours
Dawn Freesia Bushel6
Dawn Freesia
6 Hours
Diamond Pear Bushel15
Diamond Pear
16 Hours
Dreamscape Crocus Bushel6
Dreamscape Crocus
6 Hours
Emerald Green Tulip Bushel6
Emerald Green Tulip
10 Mins
Holland Water Lily Bushel9
Holland Water Lily
31 Mins
Midnight Blue Tulip Bushel15
Midnight Blue Tulip
10 Mins
Mirror Glaze Grapes Bushel6
Mirror Glaze Grapes
18 Hours
Strawberry Field Tulip Bushel15
Strawberry Field Tulip
15 Mins
Tulip Sweet Pepper Bushel6
Tulip Sweet Pepper
12 Hours
Windmill Pomegranate Bushel4
Windmill Pomegranate
12 Hours
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