Farmville BgInfo | May 03 2020

Freestyle vs Ballet Voting Event

June 17th 2020 to July 08th 2020
Cool Hat Tree
Tinkerbelle Dress Tree
Cool Moves Gnome
Spinning Ballet Gnome
Break Dance Cat
Phoenix Cat
Rap Artist Dog
Flower Dress Dog
Backflow Freestyler
Buttercup Ballerina
Hiphop Champ Monkey
Tap Tap Monkey
Smooth Dance Couple
Mask Ballet Couple
Shiny Bling Tree
Little Dress Tree
Funky Freestylers
Swanky Ballet Stage
Cool Graffiti Cow
Ballet Performer Cow
Music Player Deer
Colorful Tutu Deer
Hiphop Pegacorn
Flowy Wing Pegacorn
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