Farmville 2 Quest Guide Study Party

May 12 2020 to May 26 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 12 2020

From May 12 2020 to May 26 2020 you can perform quests Study Party.

Hi. We live in an unfair world. While the countyfolk are out celebrating the May Fest, we students need to study for our finals! I'm sick of being cooped up at home! Your farm always helps me clear my head. Can I hang around while you work? You can read more about Quest Guide Study Party and hints in the next pictures.

Study Party 1/8: Need Some Air!


Study Party 2/8: Chair-leading!


Study Party 3/8: Student Package!


Study Party 4/8: Student Board!


Study Party 5/8: Getting Inked!


Study Party 6/8: She Went Nuts!


Study Party 7/8: Quiz Master!


Study Party 8/8: Pet Students!


Recipes in quests Study Party

Recipes in Study Party

Badges in quests Study Party

Badges in Study Party
Farmville 2 May The Fest Be With You
May 12 2020 to May 26 2020
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