Farmville 2 Quest Guide Acting Out

May 05 2020 to May 19 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 05 2020

From May 05 2020 to May 19 2020 you can perform quests Acting Out.

I just got asked by the film-makers to act in their short film! It’s a small role, but they said my character plays a vital part in the story. I'm so nervous! Yes, but first I want to thank them for giving me this opportunity! I heard Thalia flowers are growing so well this season. I'd love to give the filmmakers a fresh bouquet from the farm to show them my appreciation! You can read more about Quest Guide Acting Out and hints in the next pictures.

Acting Out! 1/8: The Status Grow!


Acting Out! 2/8: An Open Book!


Acting Out! 3/8: Swank City!


Acting Out! 4/8: Reading Between The Lines!


Acting Out! 5/8: Coat From The Same Cloth!


Acting Out! 6/8: Scene Solutions!


Acting Out! 7/8: Un-suit-able!


Acting Out! 8/8: Berry Necessities!

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