Farmville 2 Quest Guide The Chick Flick

April 28 2020 to May 12 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : April 28 2020

From April 28 2020 to May 12 2020 you can perform quests The Chick Flick.

Hey! I really appreciate you helping me set up the Film Festival, it's a lot of work! But it's also a lot of fun! Hosting the film festival is really inspiring me to make my own mark in the world of cinema... Yes! I'm going to direct a Student Film for the Film Festival, will you help me? I'm scouting for some talented animals for my film. Can you help me? You can read more about Quest Guide The Chick Flick and hints in the next pictures.

The Chick Flick! 1/8: Talent Search!


The Chick Flick! 2/8: Lights, Camera...


The Chick Flick! 3/8: Sherhop Holmes!


The Chick Flick! 4/8: Reel It In!


The Chick Flick! 5/8: The Tired And The Talented!


The Chick Flick! 6/8: Treats Fit For The Talent!


The Chick Flick! 7/8: A Filming Fiasco!


The Chick Flick! 8/8: Showtime!

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