Farmville 2 Quest Guide Garden Variety

March 24 2020 to April 07 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 24 2020

From March 24 2020 to April 07 2020 you can perform quests Garden Variety.

Hi! Don't you just love the flourishing spring season? I've been thinking that this is the perfect time to start a community garden and get the whole county involved! I'm glad you think so! It's going to be a tremendous task and I'll need your help. I found the perfect plot to start our community garden. Let's gather some water. We'll need plenty! You can read more about Quest Guide Garden Variety and hints in the next pictures.

Garden Variety! 1/8: Plot Priorities!


Garden Variety! 2/8: Guide and Seek!


Garden Variety! 3/8: Let's Get Cracking!


Garden Variety! 4/8: Toil For Soil!


Garden Variety! 5/8: Fall in Glove!


Garden Variety! 6/8: As Clear As Clay!


Garden Variety! 7/8: On Your Mark!


Garden Variety! 8/8: Sunflower Salutations!

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