Farmville 2 Quest Guide Dream Dates

February 11 2020 to February 25 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : February 11 2020

From February 11 2020 to February 25 2020 you can perform quests Dream Dates.

I'm all in a tizzy! It's tough work trying to surprise Marie. She's so smart! I'm planning a few dates for the two of us leading up to the unveiling of the fountain, but I'll need your help! I see you've been growing some Saffron Curryflower! They'll make a pretty bouquet for Marie! You can read more about Quest Guide Dream Dates and hints in the next pictures.

Dream Dates! 1/8: Floral Favor!


Dream Dates! 2/8: Picnic Packing!


Dream Dates! 3/8: Have You Any Wool?


Dream Dates! 4/8: Quack Hack!


Dream Dates! 5/8: Candlelit Corner!


Dream Dates! 6/8: A Chair Affair!


Dream Dates! 7/8: Brace Yourself!


Dream Dates! 8/8: Batter Up!


Recipes in quests Dream Dates

Recipes in Dream Dates

Badges in quests Dream Dates

Badges in Dream Dates
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February 11 2020 to February 25 2020
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