List of bushels in Madagascar Trails Chapter 2

Aloe Bloom Bushel6
Aloe Bloom
6 Hours
Colourfull Orchid Bushel6
Colourfull Orchid
8 Hours
Darwins Orchid Bushel6
Darwins Orchid
8 Hours
Glory Bower Bushel6
Glory Bower
16 Hours
Henricis Erasanthe Bushel6
Henricis Erasanthe
10 Hours
Jasmine of Madagascar Bushel6
Jasmine of Madagascar
16 Hours
Madagascar Palm Bushel6
Madagascar Palm
31 Mins
Madagascar Papyrus Bushel12
Madagascar Papyrus
10 Hours
Madagascar Periwinkle Bushel6
Madagascar Periwinkle
16 Hours
Nepenthes Flower Bushel6
Nepenthes Flower
4 Hours
Pale Umbrella Orchid Bushel6
Pale Umbrella Orchid
4 Hours
Parachute Mushroom Bushel18
Parachute Mushroom
15 Mins
Red Medinilla Bushel6
Red Medinilla
10 Mins
Spectacular Grammangis Bushel18
Spectacular Grammangis
10 Mins
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