List of bushels in Harvest Valley Chapter 5

California Fuchsia Bushel18
California Fuchsia
15 Mins
Canyon Live Forever Bushel6
Canyon Live Forever
18 Hours
Colourful Chrysanthemum Bushel6
Colourful Chrysanthemum
31 Mins
Fig Grapes Bushel12
Fig Grapes
10 Mins
Flannel Bush Bushel6
Flannel Bush
16 Hours
Flowering Rush Bushel6
Flowering Rush
12 Hours
Green Zebra Bushel4
Green Zebra
12 Hours
Heirloom Corn Bushel9
Heirloom Corn
10 Hours
Hybrid Cotten Bushel15
Hybrid Cotten
4 Hours
Hybrid Loganberry Bushel6
Hybrid Loganberry
6 Hours
Orange Lotus Bushel6
Orange Lotus
10 Hours
Pacific Heard Flower Bushel9
Pacific Heard Flower
16 Hours
Pomato Bushel6
6 Hours
Purple Artichoke Bushel6
Purple Artichoke
10 Mins
Red Globe Grapes Bushel6
Red Globe Grapes
16 Hours
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