Farmville 2 Quest Guide Inspiration Initiation

December 31 2019 to January 14 2020
Farmville2 BgInfo : December 31 2019

From December 31 2019 to January 14 2020 you can perform quests 'Inspiration Initiation'.

The Talent Theater seems to be in full swing. Looks like you're working hard! I've actually been looking forward to an event like this for a while now! Yes, it's been a while since I last strummed any strings. I'm having a bit of a musician's block... I've been thinking about writing a song about flowers, lately! Can you help inspire me ? You can read more about Quest Guide "Inspiration Initiation" and hints in the next pictures.

Inspiration Initiation! 1/8: Plant The Seed!


Inspiration Initiation! 2/8: Tuning In!


Inspiration Initiation! 3/8: A Helping Hand!


Inspiration Initiation! 4/8: Search For A Symphony!


Inspiration Initiation! 5/8: A Harmony Of Hooves!


Inspiration Initiation! 6/8: Smoothie Talk!


Inspiration Initiation! 7/8: Happiness Amplified!


Inspiration Initiation! 8/8: A Sore-y State


Recipes in quests Inspiration Initiation

Recipes in Inspiration Initiation

Badges in quests Inspiration Initiation

Badges in Inspiration Initiation
Farmville 2 Starry Eyed
December 31 2019 to January 14 2020
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