Farmville BgInfo | November 04 2019

Voting Event Toy Town vs Sweet Acres

November 20th 2019 to December 11th 2019
Colors Flower Tree
Lolly Ribbon Tree
Color Clay Sticks
Chocolate Peanut Tree
Color Balls Tree
Step Up Cake Tree
Play Airplane Gnome
Lollipop Candy Gnome
Dreamland House
Gumball Machines House
Fastest Play Car
Candy Monster Car
Wooden Stacking Lamp
Gummi Bears Lamp
Musical Jolly Monkey
Chocolate Chip Monkey
Baby Doll Panda
Fairy Floss Panda
Puffy Doll Goat
Strawberry Candy Goat
Wooden Toy Pull Cow
Rainbow Color Stripe Cow
Pinata Craft Unicorn
Sweetmeat Unicorn
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