Farmville 2 Quest Guide Happy Families

November 19 2019 to December 03 2019
Farmville 2 BgInfo : November 19 2019

From November 19 2019 to December 03 2019 you can perform quests Happy Families.

I'm so happy all the baby animals are finding homes! I want to make sure they're adjusting well to their new families. Should I take something for the families when I go visit them? A fresh bunch of Aglianico Grapes sounds delightful. Could you fertilize a few? You can read more about Quest Guide Happy Families and hints in the next pictures.

Happy Families 1/8: In Grape Demand!


Happy Families 2/8: Have a Book?


Happy Families 3/8: Add Some Punch!


Happy Families 4/8: Ball For One!


Happy Families 5/8: Hoove Any Toys?


Happy Families 6/8: No Bunny Can Deny!


Happy Families 7/8: A Family That Eats Together!


Happy Families 8/8: Hugs and Cushions!

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