Farmville 2 Quest Guide Grand Fiesta

November 12 2019 to November 26 2019
Farmville 2 BgInfo : November 12 2019

From November 12 2019 to November 26 2019 you can perform quests Grand Fiesta.

Hi! I am planning a surprise feast for the kids at the Orphanage! Sure! I'll need all the help I can get! The kids are out on the playground for the afternoon, let's get things ready before they return! The kids will be tired after their play. I'm going to make them fresh lemonade. Would you get me some water? You can read more about Quest Guide Grand Fiesta and hints in the next pictures.

Grand Fiesta 1/8: Working Up A Thirst!


Grand Fiesta 2/8: Table Manners!


Grand Fiesta 3/8: Brace Yourself!


Grand Fiesta 4/8: The Fun De-party-ment!


Grand Fiesta 5/8: Mangolicious!


Grand Fiesta 6/8: In The Bag!


Grand Fiesta 7/8: A Mask Task!


Grand Fiesta 8/8: Camera Corn-patible!

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