Farmville 2 Quest Guide Baking News

November 26 2019 to December 10 2019
Farmville2 BgInfo : November 26 2019

From November 26 2019 to December 10 2019 you can perform quests Baking News.

Hi! I'm organising a Secret Sweet Swap this holiday! We get bakers to register and each is secretly assigned three other participants to send their sweets to. Thanks! I'm looking for passionate bakers who can participate! I've shortlisted some bakers in your neighborhood. Could you pay them a visit and see if they're interested? You can read more about Quest Guide Baking News and hints in the next pictures.

Baking News! 1/8: Sweet and Greet!


Baking News! 2/8: Push the Envelope!


Baking News! 3/8: Orange you glad!


Baking News! 4/8: Bake-Over!


Baking News! 5/8: Rhyme nor Raisin!


Baking News! 6/8: Breaking Bread!


Baking News! 7/8: Ready to Par-tea!


Baking News! 8/8: Petal to the Metal!


Recipes in quests Baking News

Recipes in Baking News

Badges in quests Baking News

Badges in Exchange Season
Farmville 2 The Fudge Factor
November 26 2019 to December 10 2019
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