List of bushels in Spook O Ween Chapter 8

Bizzare Bulbs Bushel15
Bizzare Bulbs
6 Hours
Black Parrot Tulip Bushel15
Black Parrot Tulip
10 Hours
Corpse Flower Bushel6
Corpse Flower
6 Hours
Corpse Lily Bushel9
Corpse Lily
31 Mins
Crested Euphorbia Bushel6
Crested Euphorbia
10 Hours
Dyckia Bushel6
8 Hours
Eyeball Flower Bushel15
Eyeball Flower
18 Hours
Ghost Plant Bushel6
Ghost Plant
10 Mins
Oleander Flower Bushel6
Oleander Flower
12 Hours
Red Spider Lily Bushel15
Red Spider Lily
10 Mins
Spooky Flower Bushel12
Spooky Flower
16 Hours
Strangleweed Bushel15
15 Mins
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