FarmVille Animal Sanctuary Complete Guide

Farmville BgInfo | October 23 2019

Save animals by growing their habitats in Animal Sanctuary!

Complete tasks on various farms to help save the endangered animals! The farms are : Hawaii, Asia, The Winter Noel and Australia! What are the tasks and rewards you can see in this article.
Animal Sanctuary
MusselHarvest 100 Mussel
Kona CoffeeHarvest 100 Kona Coffee
LilikoiHarvest 100 Lilikoi
YamHarvest 100 Yam
Golden Sugar CaneHarvest 100 Golden Sugar Cane
Lowline CowHarvest 5 Lowline Cow
Hawaiian ChickenHarvest 5 Hawaiian Chicken
LobsterHarvest 5 Lobster
Cremello StallionHarvest 5 Cremello Stallion
Nurse SharkHarvest 5 Nurse Shark
Seaweed SoupCraft 1 Seaweed Soup
Coconut Blue HawaiianCraft 1 Coconut Blue Hawaiian
a Red Pineapple CakeCraft 1 a Red Pineapple Cake
Shave IceCraft 1 Shave Ice
Inamona recipeCraft 1 Inamona recipe
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Grassland Acacia TreeSavanna Candelabra TreeSavanna Water Pond
Final Reward
White Rhino Sanctuary
Chinese DaikonHarvest 100 Chinese Daikon
PrawnHarvest 100 Prawn
Water CressHarvest 100 Water Cress
WasabiHarvest 100 Wasabi
LotusHarvest 100 Lotus
KulanHarvest 5 Kulan
Mongolian CowHarvest 5 Mongolian Cow
AkitaHarvest 5 Akita
Rocking PegacornHarvest 5 Rocking Pegacorn
Serve UnicornHarvest 5 Serve Unicorn
Hamachi MakiCraft 1 Hamachi Maki
Milk Tea recipeCraft 1 Milk Tea recipe
Moon CakeCraft 1 Moon Cake
Egg RollCraft 1 Egg Roll
Pho Soup recipeCraft 1 Pho Soup recipe
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Baby Bamboo PlantPanda Tire SwingPanda Ladder
Final Reward
Giant Panda Sanctuary
The Winter Noel
Ribbon PeachesHarvest 100 Ribbon Peaches
Tangerine Candy FlowerHarvest 100 Tangerine Candy Flower
Fall HyacinthHarvest 100 Fall Hyacinth
Jewelled Autumn MangoHarvest 100 Jewelled Autumn Mango
Woolen Water BlossomHarvest 100 Woolen Water Blossom
White Winter KangarooHarvest 5 White Winter Kangaroo
Snow Tree MeerkatHarvest 5 Snow Tree Meerkat
Wreathmane LionHarvest 5 Wreathmane Lion
White Winter HorseHarvest 5 White Winter Horse
Skaty MooseHarvest 5 Skaty Moose
Raspberry CiderCraft 1 Raspberry Cider
Eggnog TartsCraft 1 Eggnog Tarts
Reindeer Rice KrispiesCraft 1 Reindeer Rice Krispies
Pecan Pie BarsCraft 1 Pecan Pie Bars
Snowmen FudgeCraft 1 Snowmen Fudge
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Blue Pine TreeSnowy Deodar TreeSnow Cave
Final Reward
Snow Leopard Sanctuary
Green Australian BarleyHarvest 100 Green Australian Barley
White SorghumHarvest 100 White Sorghum
Red Australian CottonHarvest 100 Red Australian Cotton
Blue LupinHarvest 100 Blue Lupin
Australian Red PepperHarvest 100 Australian Red Pepper
Boxing KangarooHarvest 5 Boxing Kangaroo
Pacific Black DuckHarvest 5 Pacific Black Duck
MamaRooHarvest 5 MamaRoo
Australian Stock HorseHarvest 5 Australian Stock Horse
Australian Growmark SheepHarvest 5 Australian Growmark Sheep
Koala BiscuitsCraft 1 Koala Biscuits
Aussie BeerCraft 1 Aussie Beer
Sorghum CouscousCraft 1 Sorghum Couscous
Canola Oil RecipeCraft 1 Canola Oil Recipe
Pickled LupinCraft 1 Pickled Lupin
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Bushland Eucalyptus TreeKoala BedKoala Swing
Final Reward
Koala Bear Sanctuary
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