Farmville 2 Quest Guide Tourist Season

October 29 2019 to November 12 2019
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 29 2019

From October 29 2019 to November 12 2019 you can perform quests Tourist Season.

Did you know that we'll be receiving the highest number of tourists ever this year? Let's welcome them with fresh flowers that you can only get in our County! Can you grow some Pink Barberton Daisies? They'll make for really pretty bouquets! You can read more about Quest Guide Tourist Season and hints in the next pictures.

Tourist Season! 1/8: In A Daisy!


Tourist Season! 2/8: Hitchhiker's Guide to FarmVille!


Tourist Season! 3/8: Like A Local!


Tourist Season! 4/8: A Friendly Fire!


Tourist Season! 5/8: To Brie Or Not To Brie!


Tourist Season! 6/8: Rope In The Festivities!


Tourist Season! 7/8: Banjo On My Knee!


Tourist Season! 8/8: Baked To Goodness!


Recipes in quests Tourist Season

Recipes in Tourist Season

Badges in quests Tourist Season

Badges in Tourist Season
Farmville 2 All Fired Up
October 29 2019 to November 12 2019
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