Farmville 2 Quest Guide Peek a Boo

October 25 2019 to November 08 2019
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 26 2019

From October 25 2019 to November 08 2019 you can perform quests Peek a Boo.

Hey! It's going to be Halloween soon, and this time, I'm going to make a costume all by myself! Yeah. I don't want to have mom make them, but I'll need a few things a little out of reach, even for me! You'll be having a Shadow Theatre at your farm, right? Let's make use of some of the materials from it! You can read more about Quest Guide Peek a Boo and hints in the next pictures.

Peek a Boo! 1/8: A Shadowy Start


Peek a Boo! 2/8: Stepping Into Someone's Shoes


Peek a Boo! 3/8: A Scary Surprise


Peek a Boo! 4/8: Safe Surprises!


Peek a Boo! 5/8: In Goes One, Out Comes Another


Peek a Boo! 6/8: A Pouch for Presents


Peek a Boo! 7/8: Make Up Some Makeup!


Peek a Boo! 8/8: Clean As Day


Recipes in quests Peek a Boo

Recipes in Peek a Boo
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