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28.Aug.2014 : Information for new items in Farmville.
28.Aug.2014 : Quest group 01st September 2014 to 08th September 2014
28.Aug.2014 : Quest group 29th August 2014 to 28th September 2014
28.Aug.2014 : Leaderboards 03rd September 2014 to 10th September 2014
29.Aug.2014 : Summertime Collection
29.Aug.2014 : Quest group "Summer Vacation"
29.Aug.2014 : Send items "Summer Vacation"
29.Aug.2014 : Ask items "Summer Vacation"

29.Aug.2014 : Build Stage "Abyssal Hydroelectric Station"
29.Aug.2014 : Build Stages "Abyssal Commercial Mall"
29.Aug.2014 : Send new items
29.Aug.2014 : Ask new items
28.Aug.2014 : All stages "Alliance Fortress"
28.Aug.2014 : New quest group "Old Timers"
28.Aug.2014 : New quest group "The Living Deadwood"
20.Aug.2014 : New quest group "Big Little Problems"
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