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12.Sep.2014 : Quest in the new land Horseman's Hollow
12.Sep.2014 : Craftshop in the land Horseman's Hollow
12.Sep.2014 : Horseman's Hollow:Feature craft building Blackjack Barn
12.Sep.2014 : Horseman's Hollow:Craft building Witcher Hut
12.Sep.2014 : Growin' Pains Pioneer Trail and Links
12.Sep.2014 : Send items "Growin' Pains"
12.Sep.2014 : Ask items "Growin' Pains"
12.Sep.2014 : New quest group "Growin' Pains"

16.Sep.2014 : Build Stage "Libra Palace"
16.Sep.2014 : Ask new items
16.Sep.2014 : Send new items
16.Sep.2014 : New qyest group "Libra Palace"
11.Sep.2014 : New craft items:Christoff's Revised Blueprints,Alliance Patch,Alliance Cape,Olive Oil
11.Sep.2014 : All stages "Christoff's House"
11.Sep.2014 : New quest group "A Warm Welcome"
11.Sep.2014 : New quest group "No Place like Home"
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